It was the case of a dog being a dog and trying to chase geese. The result was an animal in distress in an ice-covered pond who fortunately was within reach for a hero Colorado firefighter.

This tense moment happened just over a week ago in Centennial, Colorado. Here's the rescue captured on video and shared by South Metro Fire Rescue on Facebook.

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That's some clear and smart thinking by the dog owner. The fact that they realized they should not attempt to rescue the dog was likely not something I would have understood. Having a clear enough mind to understand that letting professionals take over is something they should be commended for. Otherwise, rescuers would have had two lives to try and save more than likely.

Watching the firefighter reach the dog and trying to get the retriever's feet out of the water onto solid ice looked like a huge challenge. Fortunately, all's well that ends well and it appears dogs (and firefighters) are going to be found. It's the textbook way to deal with an icy emergency.

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