A Colorado farmer was tearing down his silo when he found this. These white fuzz balls are either snowballs or baby owls.

A farmer was in the works of tearing down a silo when all of a sudden, he spotted something fuzzy. Lots of white fluffiness, actually. While tearing down this silo, the farmer found what looks like snowballs -- but are actually baby owls.

He found a barn owl clutch and saved these five tiny fuzzy baby owls. Barn owls are known for living in man-made structures, hence the name. They can lay anywhere between 2-13 eggs in a clutch.

I'm happy to say that these baby owls are now in good hands. The farmer contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife who saved all five of these little fuzz/snowballs.

It's great to see people taking the time to really care for our wildlife. Although the farmer was tearing the silo down (aka the owl's cozy home) he did make sure that they're able to move into a new home, thanks to Colorado Park and Wildlife.

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