It's a little late in the season to sneak in a round of golf, but that didn't stop a Colorado elk herd from stampeding across an Estes Park course recently.

According to the date on the video shared on YouTube, this special elk golfing moment happened in Estes Park on November 17. This is another teachable moment about how you don't want to suddenly find yourself between an elk herd and wherever they decide they need to be in a hurry. (NOTE: make sure your sound is turned up and you just might hear elk bugling)

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There's a reason why Estes Park has an entire section of their website devoted to elk. Elk Fest normally is celebrated in Estes Park in early October as that is the heart of rutting season when herds are hard not to see in and around the town.

If this is brand new to you, here's a stream from last year's rut in Estes Park that was streamed. It will blow your elk-loving mind.

If you're fortunate, you can sometimes spot elk passing by some of the many Estes Park web cams that are almost constantly streaming. It's must-see webcam goodness.

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