While I understand that we all make mistakes, but I don't think it would be a good idea to grand Patrick Strawmatt clemency. Back in 2007, Strawmatt was driving 120 mph away from a pursuing Colorado State Trooper according to KDVR. He made a hand gesture (I'm sure you can guess which one) toward officers and seconds later had driven into the back of a compact car killing Jennifer Kois of Brighton and Jacob Brock of Eagle.

Strawmatt at that point already had a lengthy criminal record as he had rammed a patrol car and punched a sheriff in an incident where he says he was drunk according to Fallen Bulldogs.

After the crash took place in 2007, Strawmatt pled guilty and was sentenced to 72 years in prison. He isn't eligible for parole until 2055, but he is still able to ask for clemency.

As you can expect the family of Jennifer Kois is not very pleased with this. As they expected the man who killed their family member to be in prison for the rest of his life. When you look at the number of years he is supposed to serve, he has only accomplished 18% of that. And her family is still upset that she is gone but he is here and now asking for clemency.

According to the Colorado Department of Corrections's website states that to be eligible for clemency,

"An offender serving any sentence, other than life must serve one-third of the actual sentence or ten years whichever is less."

The deadline has passed for friends or family to submit letters saying why Strawmatt should or should not be granted clemency. Only time will tell if the Department of Corrections officials will grant Strawmatt clemency, but if it were my decision, he would remain behind bars.

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