There are a lot of reasons why people in Colorado have their driver's license suspended,  but there will be fewer of them in 2022.

Legal Trouble Won't Mean Automatic Suspension

Thanks to a new law passed by the Colorado legislature, thousands of people in the state who are facing legal trouble will still be allowed to drive. As of January 1, the state will not be revoking driver licenses for reasons that have nothing to do with a person's driving skills and ability.

Colorado is one of more than 20 states that are moving away from the practice of suspending a person's driver's license for unpaid fees and other things that are not related to driving infractions.

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Concerns About New Law

There are some concerns about the possible negative ramifications of the new law. According to Colorado Public Radio, the state could lose over $3 million each year in revenue from driver's license reinstatements and outstanding judgments.

Another concern is about whether some people will attend municipal court when they know their license won't be suspended if they don't go. Will people be less likely to pay fines and fees?

The State Can't Revoke Your Driver's License For These Things

While you could still lose your license for accumulating too many points for driving infractions, among other things, the new Colorado law means your license won't be revoked or suspended for these reasons:

1. For unlawful or fraudulent use or conviction of misuse of a license, titles, permits, or license plates.

2. Because the person missed a court appearance or failed to pay a monetary judgment or has an outstanding warrant relating to a traffic violation or a municipal violation committed when the person was under 18 years of age, underage consumption, or providing alcohol to a minor.

3. Because the person failed to pay a judgment for using public transportation without paying the fare.

4. Because the person failed to register all vehicles owned by the person.

This new law could affect nearly 100,000 people in Colorado in 2022. It's good news for some people facing legal trouble in the new year.

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