There are hikes for people of all skill levels throughout the state of Colorado. The trail-picking options are endless, from flat loops filled with wildflowers to famous 14ers, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

One of Colorado's most heart-pounding hikes can be found in the Flat Tops Wilderness in Steamboat Springs.

Known as the Devil's Causeway, this trail is not for those with a fear of heights. If you are brave enough, however, it's a pretty cool hike to knock off the Colorado bucket list.

Devil's Causeway is an extremely narrow land bridge, that just's four feet wide in some places. It connects two major sections of the Flat Tops. The ridge sits at 11,800 feet elevation and once hikers get above the tree line, they are met with unparalleled views of the area, including a bird's eye angle of the Chinese Wall. The skinny strip of land is surrounded by jagged peaks, which adds to the dramatic scenery.

There are several trails, ranging in length, that lead to the ridge. The easiest route to the causeway is from the Stillwater Reservoir. Many hikers opt for this way of venturing to the causeway, which ends up being just over 10 miles round-trip when continuing on the loop that returns back to the reservoir. The trail offers amazing scenery, including lush meadows, beautiful wildflowers, and alpine lakes. The returning route is nearly all downhill, which is a treat after reaching the very top.

The Forest Service maintains the Devil's Causeway.

According to the AllTrails app, the best time to visit this Colorado landmark is between June and September. Dogs are welcome along on the hike, as long as they remain on a leash.

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