The Colorado Department of Transportation is asking the state legislature to allow them to electronically gather information from your car while you're driving down the highway.

The Colorado Senate is in the process of debating House Bill 1188, also known as the Electronic Data Transportation Infrastructure bill, which would give CDOT permission to collect and use information from electronics in your vehicle much the same way you do when driving.

The bill, sponsored by State Representative Dominique Jackson and State Senator Owen Hill, would give CDOT the ability to install equipment along the state's highways that can communicate with vehicles. CDOT could then use information collected, such as location tracking, to assist in managing traffic.

The bill also prohibits CDOT from collecting personally identifiable information except when necessary, such as administering fees on toll roads and HOV lanes. In addition, the department will be required to publish agreements, without revealing confidential information, made with individuals and companies testing automated driving systems.

Colorado law currently prohibits collection of electronic information from motor vehicles without first obtaining a search warrant. The bill's sponsors say allowing CDOT to collect information will help make highway travel safer and traffic management better.

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