As the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine slowly spreads across the state and expands, there is the potential for fraudulent scams.

The Colorado Attorney General's Office has issued a warning about scammers and fraudsters who look to take advantage of a crisis situation. You should not be paying for the vaccine.

One type of scam is where someone calls claiming to be a government official needing to collect personal information so you can get "qualified" to receive the vaccine. A fraudulent attempt might also be used via text or email where they might try to sell you the vaccine,  and try to trick you into giving your credit card information.

Doctors are also warning of fraudulent COVID-19 products, including fake cures, testing kits, and vaccines. People are always looking for an easy answer or miracle cure, and scammers prey on those people. Seniors are often the ones being targeted by scams, which means loved ones should be warning them about the possibility of scams as they relate to the COVID-19 vaccine.

On his Facebook page, Governor Polis issues the warning "If someone is asking for money from you for the COVID-19 vaccine… it is a scam. The vaccine is free."

Violators who get caught in a vaccine scam could face fines of up to $50,000. If you suspect fraud you should report your concerns at The website is a great resource to learn about fraudulent activity that could be happening across the state.

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