Colorado voters could see a ballot measure that would attempt to reduce the use of smartphones by children.

For starters, according to a report in the Denver Post, the measure would prohibit the sale of smartphones to kids under the age of 13. Or course, I can't imagine a 12-year-old being able to buy a smartphone.

But, another part of the measure would fine retailers $500 for selling a smartphone with an intended use for children. Retailers would have to ask customers about the age of the primary user of the phone. There doesn't seem to be anything to prevent a parent from lying to the retailer and buying a phone for their under 13 kid anyway.

Should smartphone use by kids be restricted? Sure it should, but that responsibility should fall to the parents to decide when and how much smartphone use will be allowed. Smartphones are the technology of the present and have a place in the lives of children, but there have to be limitations.

To get on the 2018 ballot, organizers of the measure will need 300,000 signatures. Even if they manage to get the proposal on the ballot, it seems to me like a hard sell to Colorado voters. Of course, I thought the same thing when it came to recreational pot, so only time will tell.

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