A Colorado chiropractor has been charged with felony sex crimes against a patient which has led to numerous past patients coming forward with similar experiences to report.

Who is the Disgraced Colorado Chiropractor?

The disgraced Colorado chiropractor facing these serious charges has been identified as 77-year-old Dr. Luis Marquez. These crimes have taken place at Dr. Marquez's chiropractic office located in Westcliffe, Colorado, a small rural town in Custer County southwest of Pueblo, Colorado.

The Latest Complaint Against the Colorado Chiropractor

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The latest complaint by one of his patients was filed on April 27, 2022, and has caused a snowball effect to occur and has landed Dr. Marquez in a lot of trouble.

The complaint was made by a female patient of Dr. Marquez who says that she was a victim of unlawful sexual conduct at the hands of Marquez.

The incident took place in August of 2019 where the victim says that she was told to remove her clothes so that Marquez could give her an alignment. The woman was given a hospital gown that she changed into as Marquez watched.

It was at this point that Marquez instructed the woman to open up her gown and remove her sports bra so that he could use some sort of chiropractic tool on her sternum. What followed was Marquez allegedly touching the woman's breasts and nipples with his bare hands.

Feeling violated, the woman asked her boyfriend if he had to remove his clothes for the alignment to which he responded that he did not.

Prior Complaints Against the Colorado Chiropractor

Custer County Sheriff's Sargeant Miles De Young was put on the case and upon investigating, uncovered similar complaints filed against Marquez in 2006, 2020, and 2021.

Upon hearing about the case, at least three other victims have come forward.

Current Status of Case Against Colorado Chiropractor

Marquez was arrested back in February on "suspicion of unlawful sexual contact." His license was then suspended and he has since been charged with four counts of unlawful sexual contact, a class-4 felony.

What's Next For the Colorado Chiropractor?

Most recently, Marquez appeared in court on Tuesday, May 10th where the latest charge was filed and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for June 13th, 2022.

Additional hearings will also take place separate from the criminal case to decide what the future status of Marquez's chiropractic license will be.

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