Yesterday I was told that my daughter's preschool may be closing as her class of 20 is now down to just 3 kids.

It gave me more anxiety than anything so far knowing that, after my husband's hours have been cut, we may have to pull back from work even more.

How are people supposed to pay their rent or mortgage if they aren't working? Are we all just bound for eviction?

Colorado has no intention of closing daycare as health care providers must be able to go to work, but that doesn't mean providers can financially keep their doors open.

Early childhood providers are getting mixed messages, they were told to remain open as usual and then a few days later, asked to keep class sizes to 10, according to Denver Post. If a staff member or child gets COVID-19 the center must close for 72 hours.

With less than a quarter of parents keeping kids in childcare, CDC restrictions and the uncertainty of it all, how can daycares sustainably stay open for the long haul?

Gov. Jared Polis has organized emergency child care for essential workers but I will say that, as a parent, dropping my kid off at a new place amid a pandemic does not sit well.

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