Are you hoping to create the perfect Jack-O-Lantern this Halloween? Here's a quick tutorial from a celebrity right out of Colorado.

Check out this technique. Hey, it works. The finished product is considerably better than the last pumpkin I carved. Okay, getting from point A to B was a little rough. Nevertheless, she gets the job done.

NOTE: I am not advising or condoning this particular technique. Chainsaws should be operated only by those with proper knowledge and skill. This is Elvira's preferred method. I'm simply sharing the info in hopes it will offer guidance when it comes to your next project.

Believe it or not, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, is a former Colorado girl. Okay, so she wasn't born in Colorado. She was born in Kansas, but she moved to Colorado Springs at the age of 7. She remained in Colorado until graduating from William J. Palmer High School in 1969.

Ultimately, she moved to Los Angeles. Even though she answered Hollywood's call, she maintains ties to Colorado. One of her sisters remained in Colorado Springs. Sadly, her sister passed away earlier this year. There are a handful of interviews where Elvira, or to be more accurate, her real ego, Cassandra Peterson, mentions she has on occasion considered moving back to Colorado.

There you go, one of Colorado's very own, sharing her amazing carving technique. Elvira has become synonymous with Halloween, so it's safe to say she knows her stuff.

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