This Colorado cat proves that just because you're different, doesn't mean you can't be friends.

A recent video posted by Storyful shows an inspiring and super adorable clip of a pair of unlikely friends.

The Curious Colorado Cat

Cat owner Andrew Derek Flockhart of Estes Park, Colorado shared a video clip of what happens to be everyday life for him and his fur baby.

Like many cats, Andrew's cat Charlie loves to stare out the window taking a peek at the outside world.

However, unlike most other's surroundings, theirs is full of wildlife sightings right in their very own backyard!

“We live in a magical place where elk, deer, and other wildlife roam freely through the town,” cat owner Andrew Derek Flockhart told Storyful. “Our cat, Charlie, loves to watch them from our windows and has become very fond of the elk, who sometimes come up to have a look inside our house.”

Colorado Is Home to So Many Animals

If you've never visited Estes Park then I definitely recommend taking a trip! Colorado boasts so many amazing sights from the mountains to the wildlife, and you can see it all in Estes Park.

While I wouldn't recommend directly interacting with any wildlife that you may run into, admiring them from afar is perfectly acceptable.

Also, please remember to never feed wildlife, as you'll potentially be putting yourself and the animal in fatal danger.

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