May is finally here, and while we all know that Colorado's famous Casa Bonita restaurant is set to re-open this month, we don't know when. Could Cinco De Mayo be the day?

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When Is Casa Bonita Opening? Could It Open On Cinco De Mayo?

Colorado is known for many things, both good and bad. One of the things that could fit on either of those lists, depending on who you ask, is Casa Bonita. Formerly part of an entertainment restaurant chain, which began in Oklahoma City in 1968, the now famous Casa Bonita opened its doors in Denver, Colorado, in 1974. Through various ownership changes over the years, the Denver restaurant continued to operate until the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 forced the restaurant to close its doors. From there, Casa Bonita eventually filed for bankruptcy in April of 2021, and the future of this historic landmark looked extremely bleak. That is, until a couple of heroes from "South Park, Colorado," came along to save the day...

Trey Parker and Matt Stone From South Park Buy Casa Bonita

Back in August of 2021, it was announced that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who are the creators of  "South Park," had purchased and would re-open the popular Colorado landmark that their show had made relevant again, after doing an entire episode about it years back. In the video below, the South Park Boys announced in December that the re-opening would happen this month, May 2023.

Here we sit on May 1st, with no official opening date. But after doing some digging, some pictures have been floating around of Matt and Trey running into the building for what is rumored to be a fire inspection. If you've ever opened a new business, you know that fire inspections in one of the very last steps in opening your doors. Here's the picture below.

Is it a coincidence that the inspection happened one week before Cinco De Mayo? Maybe... But is there a better weekend in May to re-open this famous Colorado Mexican restaurant? We don't think so... Also, Casa Bonita has announced that they are a sponsor of the 2023 Colfax Marathon which is on May 20th and 21st so you'd assume they'd be open well before then, right?

Regardless of when we cannot wait to see what they've done to this historic and iconic Colorado landmark. Questions like...

  • Are the caves still there?
  • Will it be South Park themed?
  • What updates did the cliff diver area get?
  • Will tables still have those awesome little flags (that every restaurant should have!)?
  • How did they update the arcade?
  • What about the FOOD?! (Please don't take away the sopapillas!)
  • Will the bathroom stalls finally lock?

...will finally be answered! I'm on their list and I am anxiously awaiting the confirmed opening date info. I will let you know as soon as they confirm, what I believe, will be their opening date. Happy Cinco De Mayo / rumored Casa Bonita re-opening week!

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