It's not the best news for Colorado campers.

We had hoped Colorado's campgrounds would be open this weekend, but that is not the case.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife campgrounds are going to remain closed until further notice.

This latest update is in response to the Safer At Home Order laid out by Governor Jared Polis and the guidance of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

The closure extends to all campgrounds and camping facilities, including yurts and cabins, at Colorado state parks and wildlife areas. All reservations through May 11 have been canceled and refunds have been given. Customers shouldn't need to take any action in order to get a refund.

There is some good news.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is working on a plan to get the state's campgrounds open, though there is not a target date for that event. Visitors to state parks are being asked to "remain flexible in their travel plans."

Outdoor enthusiasts are also being reminded that it is their responsibility to know and understand the "specific guidance, ordinances, and restrictions that are in place.

While this latest information is a setback for everyone who is anxious to start the camping season, it's encouraging to know they are working on a plan. It sure feels like those Colorado campgrounds are going to open soon. I would take advantage of this time to make sure the RV, camper, trailer, or tent is ready to go and that you have all of the camping supplies you are going to need when the time comes. It may come quicker than we think.

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