You're long overdue for a vacation. How about something you'll remember for the rest of your life? Why not book a getaway at one of Colorado's most "bizarre" Airbnbs?

There are countless fun and exciting things one can do in Colorado. What's needed here is something weird. Have you ever stayed in a haunted mansion? How about spending a few nights in a refurbished school bus? All you need now are your pajamas, a toothbrush, and a twisted imagination. These are some of the most bizarre airbnbs in the state of Colorado, according to 303 Magazine.

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A Perfectly Bizarre Getaway in Colorado

When it comes to your travels in 2022, have you considered doing something weird simply for the sake of, well, doing something weird? When was the last time you stayed in a haunted house? How about a teepee? Have you spent quality time in a Steampunk Trailer?

Sure, you can do Disneyland and spend a few nights at Motel 6. The Jordan family took part in that adventure a time or two while I was growing up. Then again, you could spend a few days in a yurt in the middle of nowhere in Colorado.

What Exactly In an Airbnb?

That may sound like a silly question, but I suspect many people are not familiar with them. According to Wikipedia, Airbnb Inc. is "... an American company that operates an online marketplace for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities."

Recently I learned the house directly across the street from the house where I grew up has been turned into an Airbnb. It's a ranch-style house right in the middle of a strictly residential area of Grand Junction. Airbnbs are popping up left and right.

Airbnbs In Every Shape and Size and Every Color of the Rainbow

One of the houses in the gallery below is the "Happy Hippie Tie-Dye House." It comes with complimentary rolling papers in every room. Another is a haunted mansion where two teenage girls were murdered in 1970. If weird is your thing, give consideration to booking one of these Colorado Airbnbs.

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Colorado's Most 'Bizarre' Airbnbs According to 303 Magazine

It's time for a getaway in the great state of Colorado. What's needed now is a "bizarre" getaway. Check out the most bizarre and unique Airbnbs in Colorado, according to 303 Magazine.

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