Andy Thorn is a Colorado man that plays the banjo. He has many fans of his music which still includes a fox that shows up for his performances two years later.

If you've never heard of Andy Thorn and his fox friend, his outdoor performances for the fox were first shared a couple of years ago. Live For Live Music Facebook page confirmed this relationship is still going strong.

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Andy's band is Leftover Salmon (one of the best band names ever) and his official website mentions his famous wildlife friend:

ANDY THORN is a banjo player, singer, and songwriter who has been a member of the legendary band Leftover Salmon for over 10 years. Residing in Colorado, Andy Thorn has built a following with his viral videos playing banjo to a local wild fox who has taken a liking to his picking.

Why does the fox love his banjo playing? If you believe comments on the Reddit thread about this, some people believe the fox has gotten food from him and is just waiting for a handout. Everyone's a critic. I'd prefer to believe that this fox comes to be serenaded and understands Andy means him no harm.

Let's face it. We're never gonna know for sure why this fox and Andy have become fast friends. We can either be cynics or just enjoy it for what it is. A brief moment of (possible) innocence in a world that doesn't have much of that anymore.

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