When you think of the Amish, you see images of long, bushy beards, suspenders, horse-drawn buggies, etc. However, as far as geographic areas in which the Amish are most well-known, Colorado is far from the first place you think of.

However, it may surprise you that Colorado does, in fact, have a concentration of Amish community members in a very specific part of the state; a small town in the San Luis Valley known as Monte Vista.

Amish Life in Monte Vista Colorado

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In case you're not familiar, Monte Vista is a small town located in Southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley, just down the road from Alamosa:

See inside the Curious World of Colorado’s Amish
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Amish life in Colorado, and presumably pretty much any other area with a high population of the group, is an interesting thing to witness.

The Amish do not drive cars or trucks, but they do have drivers that help them move things around. They primarily travel via horse and buggy which are different than the original versions of these vehicles as they have reflectors mounted on them for safety.

In addition, the Amish in Colorado work at places like lumber yards and metal shops, and while they don't drive cars, they do operate forklifts at work.

You may see Amish men and women around Monte Vista and if you do, you can immediately tell the marital status of the people you see. For example, if a woman is wearing a black hat, she's single, and if she's wearing a white hat, she's married.

Along the same lines, if a man has a beard, he's likely married, and if not, he's likely single.

Take a look at what life's like for an Amish person in Monte Vista, Colorado:

See inside the Curious World of Colorado’s Amish

Take a rare look into the daily life of the Amish by way of the area with Colorado’s largest population of followers of the way of life, Monte Vista.

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