The next time you visit Western Colorado's Grand Mesa, take a moment to visit the Cedar Crest Cemetery near Collbran. Take a look around and you'll find several graves dating back to the mid-1800s.

This site is part of the Collbran Cemetery District, consisting of the Eagalite, Cedar Crest, and Clover cemeteries.

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Finding the Cedar Crest Cemetery in Collbran, Colorado

You'll find the Cedar Crest Cemetery at 5850-5860 Belly Acres Road in Collbran, Colorado. It's not exactly the easiest place to find. The first part of the trip is easy; simply head up the Grand Mesa to the town of Collbran.

When you reach Collbran, keep heading straight down the road. While heading east on 330, at this point also known as High Street, turn right at 58 1/2 Road. After a short distance, the road will fork. At that time, turn to the left on 59 1/2 Road.

After 1,000 feet or so, turn left on Cedar Crest Lane. Not long after that, turn right on Belly Acres Road. This is a steep, one-car wide road that has seen better days. Before long, you'll see the Cedar Crest cemetery on the left.

Cedar Crest Cemetery map
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A Good Reason to Visit a Small Town Cemetery

The website Expatalachians offers a few thoughts when it comes to visiting cemeteries in smaller communities:

The disappearance of small burial grounds and almost-forgotten cemeteries is a deep shame. Cemeteries hold the last connection to our past. They hold roots. They offer a space for commemoration, love, humility, religion—they serve as a physical memory of a final, inescapable end.


Few places in a small town, let alone a city, grab the attention of passers-by and ask them to slow down. The grip of wide highways, strip malls, and ephemeral distractions keep people moving. A cemetery gate offers separation and protection from daily worries. It beckons us to break out habits of the day and give a thought and a prayer for those who came before us.

Look At The Dates On The Memorials

Over the last four weeks, I've visited three cemeteries on the Grand Mesa: Mesa Cemetery, Eagalite, and now Cedar Crest.

In each case, it was surprising to see the dates on some memorials. Many of these date back to the 1850s. This really shouldn't be surprising considering this area has been populated for some time. Still, the idea of encountering memorials for people born in the mid-1800s is fascinating.

I'm Turning Into My Parents

My mom and dad spent the last 20 years of their lives documenting gravesites for various online groups. My dad would actually take requests from people trying to locate gravesites. He would then identify and photograph the gravesite, and return that information at no cost. Why? I haven't a clue. It was something of a passion for him.

I have no genuine interest in cemeteries, and for the most part, no genuine interest in history. I do, however, agree with the statement above, "A cemetery gate offers separation and protection from daily worries."

Take a Tour of the Cedar Crest Cemetery Just Outside of Collbran, Colorado

You'll find the Cedar Crest Cemetery at 5850-5860 Belly Acres Road just east of Collbran, Colorado. It's not exactly easy to find, but it's certainly worth visiting. Take a quick look around this historic cemetery. Please take note of the dates on various memorials.

Tour the Eagalite Cemetery Near Collbran, Colorado

Take a Tour of the Cemetery in Mesa, Colorado

Did you know the unincorporated community of Mesa, Colorado is home to a small and exremely awesome little cemetery. Take a quick tour, and pay close attention to the dates on the headstones.

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