Firsts are always something that will stick with us for our whole lives. Things like our first kiss, first job, or first concert, are milestones that we never forget.

Also on that list of things that stick with us forever, for better or worse, is our first vehicle.

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For most, being a teenager and buying a car is a huge step in growing up and getting a newfound sense of freedom and independence. However, because most of us are still high school-aged when we get our first car, they're not always the nicest of vehicles.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what your first car was and got all kinds of great responses.

Grand Junction's First Cars were Classics

I tend to grow envious of anyone that grew up in the seventies or prior because it seems like this generation's first cars were the coolest. Throughout my life, I remember hearing stories about the now-classic cars that my parents owned when they were just starting to drive.

Likewise, many of the cars mentioned in responses to my question fit this description as some of the vehicles that people owned first were things like Camaros, Chevettes, Malibus, Mustangs, and old Pontiacs, to name a few.

Grand Junction's First Cars weren't Very Nice

On the other side of the spectrum were stories similar to mine, with peoples' first cars being junkier. Some of these cars mentioned included my '93 Pontiac, a 1990 Ford Ranger, Ford Pinto, and what was affectionately referred to as a Ford "sh*tbox."

Take a look back in time at some of Grand Junction's first cars:

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