Christopher Robin is a Disney movie, so it must be a sweet and charming kids movie?

Uh, not exactly.

In his new video essay for ScreenCrush, Ryan Arey dives into Disney’s latest Winnie the Pooh film, and explores just how dark and weird a movie about an adorable teddy bear who loves honey can really be. It turns out Christopher Robin as an adult might be a great premise for a new take on old characters, but it also implies all kinds of weird subtext. Is Christopher Robin actually a telekinetic? If other people can see Winnie the Pooh, does that mean he’s a living being and not a figment of a boy’s imagination? You will never look at that sweet bear and his chums in the Hundred Acre Wood the same way again. (Beware, though, this video does have a few spoilers for the film,)

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