Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot will bring a bunch of new faces to the classic characters, and even multiple faces to the same character.

The new reboot is set to star Kristen StewartNaomi Scott (Power Rangers), and Ella Balinska as the trio of Angels. We already knew that Banks, who is directing, producing, and co-wrote the script, is also staring in the movie as a female version of the Bosley character. But now a new item from The Hollywood Reporter reveals Bosley, the liason between the Angels and the never-seen Charlie, will also be played by Patrick Stewart.

Over the years, the Bosley character has been played by a handful of actors: David Doyle originated in the role in the 1970s TV series, Bill Murray played him in the 2000 film, Bernie Mac was John Bosley’s brother in the sequel Full Throttle, and Ramon Rodriguez briefly filled the role in the short-lived ABC series in 2011. But now it sounds like Bosley is just a codename for multiple characters who work for the titular Charlie.

Based on the plot description we’ve heard thus far, it seems like there will be multiple Bosleys across various cities, each with their own team of angels. In Banks’ film, the Townsend Agency the trio of private investigators work for will be expanded into a global security and intelligence service with multiple teams across the world – a perfect way to keep the rebooted series alive with endless spinoffs starring new casts, no doubt. Or perhaps Stewart’s Bosley will be passing the torch down to Banks’ version. We’ll find out when the new Charlie’s Angels arrives September 27, 2019.

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