There always seems to be a new scam popping up, and here's one that could be coming to a bar near you.

According to the Denver Post, this one has been happening at bars in the Denver area.

Here's how it works. A guy -or gal -in the bar snatches an unsuspecting victim's cell phone and then waits for the victim to call the phone the next morning trying to locate it. The scammer then poses as a bar employee trying to be helpful and requests the phone passcode in order to verify the true owner.

The phone owner, eager to prove that the phone is theirs, offers the passcode as verification. At that point, the scammer gains access to the phone and is able to embark upon dastardly deeds of fraud and theft.

This is a scam that can easily be pulled off on anyone, not just the elderly. So, here's a couple of words of advice.

First of all, keep your phone on you at all times in the bar - either in your pocket or in your purse, and keep your purse close at hand.

Secondly, if your cell phone should end up missing - and this is applicable any time you lose the cell phone - do not under any circumstances reveal your passcode over the phone. For one thing, the fact that you called the phone looking for it is a pretty good indicator that it's yours. Go claim your phone in person, and if the individual demands passcode verification you can always give to them, and then change it immediately once the phone is back in your possession.

Just remember, no matter where you are, it is possible that a sneaky thief is standing by, so be alert and be wise.

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