A fire in the Rosevale area of Grand Junction that destroyed everything in a 10-acre area started as an unexpected combination of an accidental spark, tall grass, and wind.

Minus any one of the three, the fire may not have started or would have been limited to a small area.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office Fire Marshall and Grand Junction Fire Department say the fire was started by a person who was attempting to fix a flat tire on a riding lawnmower in the 2500 block of D Road.

A spark from the repair work lit nearby tall grass on fire and the wind turned a small grass fire to an out of control one. The person who started the fire came forward and claimed responsibility.

That person also tried to get the fire under control, but the combination of dry grass, brush, and wind made it an impossible task. Eyewitnesses and evidence collected confirmed the fire was a freak accident.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has referred the case to the District Attorney for possible charges. At this time, no charges have been filed and no arrest has been made. The name of the person who started the fire is being withheld pending action from the District Attorney's Office.

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