President Trump's decision to revoke DACA has resulted in one Western Slope mother seeking asylum in a local church in Carbondale.

This is something you never really think happens where you live. It's always somewhere else. But when it hits home, then it becomes real. Well, I can tell you it's as real as it's going to get for Sandra Lopez of Carbondale.

Recently, Lopez was arrested for something in which the charges were dropped. Having no criminal history at all, she was nevertheless informed by her attorney that as a result of her arrest that she was being deported.

Lopez has three children and has never been in trouble before, and even in this case, all charges were dropped. Sensing that she and her children would be deported she sought sanctuary in a local church.

These are the facts.

Here's where I have an issue with the President's decision. Without ever taking the time, it seems, to think about the havoc something like this would wreak on families, businesses and communities, the decision just gets made to deport.

This is a stupid and senseless decision and at some point, someone has to step up and let the President and Washington, D.C. know that this sort of thing should not happen in America. People who have been in this country for decades, whether illegally or not, have proven to be good, contributing members of society and this ruling will not take that into account.

Immigration issues have been going on in this country for a long time. They exist because of the freedoms we have in this country. Freedoms that need to be extended to those people, like Sandra, who is not a threat to anyone's way of life.

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