If you've had any work done on your vehicle lately, this will come as no surprise, car repairs are expensive. Which leaves you wondering, how expensive it it to get a car fixed in other parts of the US?

Repair Pal had the same question, so they decided to find out and Colorado ended up being one of the most expensive states in the US for car repairs.

To ensure accuracy, Repair Pal selected three common repairs - brake pad replacement, alternator and water pump.

Those repairs were priced for three popular makes of vehicles, Ford F150, Honda Accord and BMW 328i (all 2010 models).

Estimates from three different parts of each state were averaged to find the most and least expensive parts of the country to get a vehicle fixed.

Colorado came in at #13  on the Top 25 Most Expensive States for Auto Repair with an average of $1,207. The surprise? Of the top 25, the difference between #1 Alaska ($1,374) and # 25 Montana ($1,175) was $199.

The least expensive state for repairs turned out to be West Virginia ($1,033). Compared to Colorado, you'd save $175 on the repair.

If the study proved anything, it's that no matter where you live - except Alaska - the cost will be about the same. So, it's better to find an honest competent mechanic than worry about price, unless that price is far different than the average.


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