Around 100 students at Cañon City High School in Cañon City, Colo. could face felony charges after a police investigation was prompted from a tip about minors sharing explicit photos.

According to CNN, Cañon City Police have at least three phones, one with several hundred photos on it. Cañon City Police Chief Paul D. Shultz told CNN,

We will be identifying people in the images, we're haven't interviewed anybody yet. We're in the process of obtaining search warrants. We're in the process of coordinating forensic investigations of cell phones.

Some of the students believed to be involved have been suspended from school, but the identity and number of students have not been released.

Students are using a "photo vault" that hides the photos on their phones that appears as a different app -- it could look like a calculator or media player.

Charges could amount to a Class 3 felony if students took "a picture of themselves showing a naked private body part and sent it to another person, ... received such a picture and forwarded it to another person, or ... received such a picture and retained possession of it over time.



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