That was the question we asked our friends on Facebook last weekend.

I must say I was so impressed with every comment we received.

I found myself thinking, "now THAT'S an excellent idea."

I'd like to see the visions of many come to fruition so that Grand Junction could flourish and do well.

Several friends agreed with Kristie Moles:

I'm a Colorado Native but I wasn't in this area when Fun Junction was here. I've heard from many that it was a pretty cool place.

Several friends said they would open up a restaurant such as Dave and Busters, Panera Bread Company, Cracker Barrel, Sizzlers, Fozoli's, Portillo's, Joe's Crab Shack, Steak & Shake, Jack In the Box, Tilted Kilt, TGIF's, Ruby Tuesday's, donuts or bakery, and/or an intimate fine dining establishment.

Chuck Fedler had an interesting suggestion:

Many others indicated that Grand Junction lacks heavily when it comes to kids having a place to go and be entertained.

If it were up to some folks they would build something that would provide some excitement for the kids.

Sarah proposed a "teen club," something like they used to have:

Di Anderson's idea I bet would bring in a lot of money:

I experienced this problem first hand this last year at Country Jam. A place to shower would have been awesome.

A Plus Size Store, a Gold Prospecting Store, an Insomnia Cookie Joint, had been some of the ideas that were mentioned as well.

So many great ideas.

I'm not sure if I should question myself as to why my two favorite ideas had something to do with alcohol, haha, does that say something about me?

Nah, truthfully I thought these ideas were brilliant.

Since I am a single mom of four I often wished that there was a park where moms could go and enjoy a glass of wine as Kattura Young explained.

And Shannon Broad's idea sounded fabulous and like a lot of fun:

Of course, the unfortunate part of these ideas would be drinking and driving and mom's being too wasted to take their children home safely but it's an entertaining thought at least.

The funniest idea came from our friend James Bennett:

Cute James, real cute.

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