Buc-ee's, the Texas-based gas station chain has announced they'll open a store in Colorado. For some reason, people are overjoyed by this news. What's the big deal?

Buc-ee's will be opening a new location in Johnstown, Colorado, sometime in 2024. Here are a number of reasons why people are loving this news.

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New Buc-ee's Coming to Johnstown, Colorado

A total of 12 new Buc-ee's locations are scheduled to open over the next four years. For those of us in Colorado, it looks like we're a good two years out from getting our own Buc-ee's.

Buc-ee's Pride Themselves on This

Every article and post I've read says the exact same thing: Buc-ee's pride themselves on having the cleanest bathrooms in the business. The word on the street suggests this isn't a wild boast. According to eye-witness testimonies from two of my co-workers, Buc-ee's may just have the cleanest bathrooms in the world.

It Seems Buc-ee's Has It All

Looking at a photo of their store, it seems Buc-ee's is a place where one can fuel their vehicle, stock up on a lifetime's supply of beef jerky, pick out a new wardrobe, and get a new set of guitar strings, all at your favorite one-stop-shop. (Please note: I made up the part about guitar strings)

I've Never Heard of a Buc-ee's Let Alone Been To One

Until two weeks ago I had never heard of Buc-ee's. The chain was founded in Texas in 1982 and currently operates 38 stores in that state alone.

I spent years traveling with a Country band back in the mid-90s, with much of that time spent in Texas. I don't recall ever seeing a Buc-ee's. All I remember were combination gas station/porn shops about every 1,500 feet along the interstate.

Well, Buc-ee's is coming to Colorado. If you're like me and possess no knowledge of these amazing travel centers, here are a few things you should know. This list of amazing facts about Buc-ee's has been compiled from several sources including wate.com, supertallk.fm, houstoneater.com, and officeescapeartist.com. Since the sparkling-clean restrooms seem to be the company's claim to fame, I'll use that as the backdrop for the gallery.

This is Why Buc-ee's New Store in Colorado is Such a Big Deal

Buc-ee's will be openining a new location in Johnstown, Colorado, sometime in 2024. Here are a number of reasons why people are loving this news.

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