There's a pretty good chance you know Blind Melon's song 'No Rain,' or know who the 'bee girl' is, but we're here to talk about a different song: 'Galaxie.'

For those of you who haven't heard me talk nonstop about my car, I drive a 1967 Ford Galaxie 500, which is why the Blind Melon lyrics 'I'm more at home in my Galaxie' resonate with me just a little bit. Much like myself, Blind Melon's late singer, Shannon Hoon, loved his Galaxie so much, the song is actually about his own car.

Leading up to Blind Melon's New Year's Eve show at the Aggie Theatre here in Fort Collins, I got to talk to Christopher Thorn, the band's guitarist, about the song from Blind Melon's 1995 record, Soup. After speaking with Thorn, I found out where Hoon's famous Galaxie, the muse for the song, is now...

Tune in this week to the 4 O'clock Hookup with me (Shelby) for your chance to get hooked up with tickets to see Blind Melon on New Year's Eve, and get all the show deets here.

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