Before I go any further, I understand not everyone feels comfortable with traveling due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, but rest assured I had the swab up the nose and tested negative to come back home to the United States. With that being said I had a fantastic time soaking up the sunshine while eating and drinking more than I ever needed to.

We stayed at a place that is less than one year old, Dreams Vista Cancun. And because of the pandemic, we were able to get a great deal. It was my wife Savannah and myself, along with my brother John, his wife Katie, and my nephew Colby. Also with us were family friends (basically family) Joe and Casey.

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We did so many activities, made so many memories, and spent a lot of time relaxing just like a vacation should be. Some of the most fun things we did included scuba diving, renting a private yacht, and ziplining. It was also especially fun to take the ferry over and enjoy Isla Mujeres only about 20 minutes from where we were staying.

While I could talk forever about enjoying traveling and going on vacation. The pictures tell the story:

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