Businesses are beginning to receive fraudulent emails from the BBB claiming they have been reported for federal violations including abuse.

The fraudulent emails claim to be from the Better Business Bureau, may include their logo, and request the business respond to the alleged claim by clicking a link in the email.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) - the real one - says the fake emails claim the company has violated the Fair Labor Standards Act, Safety and Health Act or other official sounding federal violations.

The BBB says these emails are designed to bait you into clicking a link or opening an attachment which downloads malware on your computer. That malware can potentially be used to steal passwords or hack company records.

The BBB warns anyone receiving this type of email to not click on any link or attachment in the email. Delete the email and make sure it is also deleted from your computer's recycle bin or trash as well.

The BBB also offers other actions businesses can take to protect themselves including how to contact their local Better Business Bureau to get assistance determining the legitimacy of these types of emails.

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