While many of us are thinking about the Coronavirus and how it's impacting our daily lives, every time you feel brave enough to go to the store for groceries we all see the isles of Easter candy already set up. With so many Easter Egg hunts up in the air right now because of the pandemic it means more family will be doing their own thing at home.

There is a lot more to celebrate the Easter holiday than just overindulging on candy, but one thing is for sure there is always candy around on Easter. So the amazing people at candystore.com put together the annual list of the best and worst Easter candies and here were the results:

The top 10 worst Easter candy:

10. Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails (cotton candy)

9. Jelly Beans (generic)

8. Peeps (specifically Hot Tamales flavored)

7. Twix Eggs

6. Chocolate Crosses

5. Chicks & Rabbits

4. Bunny Corn

3. Solid Chocolate Bunnies

2. Peeps (regular)

1. Cadbury Creme Eggs

The top 10 best Easter candy:

10. Skittles-filled Easter Eggs

9. Sour Patch Easter Bunnies

8. Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs

7. Robins Eggs from Whoppers

6. Lindt Chocolate Carrots

5. Jelly Beans (gourmet and naturally flavored)

4. Kinder Joy Eggs Candy

3. Chocolate Bunnies (Hollow)

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs

These lists look okay to me except for a few mistakes. Twix Eggs should have never been put on the worst tasting list, those are delicious. Also, it's a travesty that Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs didn't come in at #1 on the best list, #2 is good but they got cheated. What do you think about this year's list of best and worst Easter candies?

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