Recently there was an article on Buzzfeed called "19 Secrets Radio Presenters Will Never Tell You." In this article, they attempted to draw back the curtain, as it were, on what goes on at a radio station, as well as inside the mind of a radio DJ. Or is it VJ? I know one thing we never call ourselves is a presenter.

So my colleague, Alicia Selin and I decided we would, in our own unique way, shed a little light what really goes on at a radio station.

We hope you enjoy our lighthearted look at a few aspects of radio life. Morning radio, whether or not we talk to ourselves, ( I don't) oversharing and free stuff are the things Alicia and I discuss.

Morning radio means waking up extra early. Even roosters tell us to shut off the alarm. It's one thing you never quite get used to, as you can see.

I never talk to myself (yes, you do) and I thought it seemed ludicrous (no, you didn't) to even bring it up. (Now they know dude)

Sharing is caring. And I want you, my audience, to know I care. (He really does.)(wait, who was that?)

And finally, look at those tickets! We make it rain.

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