Colorado has a reputation for being very friendly and accommodating to wildlife. As an example, a bear went to the Pitkin Post Office to get his mail.

I can only guess what kind of mail a bear would receive. He might get outdoor magazines, mail order canisters of berries and nuts or a copy of the newest Berenstain Bears book. I'm just guessing having never met a bear at the post office before.

Whatever the bear was looking for, he made quite a mess and forced the closure of the post office until they could get everything cleaned up.

I'm sad to say this story does not have a happy ending. The bear has two tags in his ears which means he's been in trouble with Colorado Parks and Wildlife at least that many times before.

When a bear gets that comfortable in human surroundings he becomes a danger to himself and everyone else. It's a decision Colorado Wildlife Managers never want to make, but because of previous offenses, the bear had to be euthanized.

We can't avoid all human-bear encounters, but doing everything possible to avoid them lessens the likelihood of stories ending like this one. Colorado Parks and Wildlife offers detailed information on avoiding contact with wildlife. If you haven't memorized all of it, please take some time to read it and print it HERE.

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