A black bear in Crested Butte on Saturday night really loved this Honda Element, so he let himself in. Two hours later, the bear is gone and the car is destroyed.

This is like a test ride gone wrong. After a couple of hours, the black bear ended up deciding that he did not like the Honda Element. He somehow got into the car and locked himself in. I'm not sure if his dislike for the car made him do this, or if it was a case of claustrophobia.

The owner of the car, Lawson Yow, told 9News: "The car was just rocking."  The bear ended up breaking the window and escaping. Yow seemed to have a great attitude about the whole situation and the whole, destroyed car. "It was my brave little toaster," he said, "thanks, Honda Element."

I wonder if the bear will let him hitch a ride.

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