Some think that it's funny or a little silly, others think the toilet paper is aggravating and annoying. I see both sides of it but regardless of what side you're on, the City of Grand Junction wants to remind citizens and businesses that there are only certain things that can be flushed down the toilet.

The exact phrasing by the City of Grand Junction was that only the three P's should be flushed down the toilet. Those three P's would be pee, poop, and toilet paper. With the toilet paper hoarding that is going on it has caused a shortage for some residents with some resorting to other options.

Other paper products such as napkins, paper towels, and "flushable" wipes are not flushable. These products will not disintegrate like regular toilet paper when you flush and can cause a huge mess inside your home, business, or in the City sewer system. This could obviously lead to unnecessary maintenance calls when city workers and plumbers could be short-staffed already due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please do your part to make sure we aren't wreaking havoc on our own sewer system. Also, please don't hoard toilet paper causing this shortage of supplies to last any longer than it needs to be. During this time we need to be looking out for our neighbors not making it more difficult to find supplies that they really need.

Many of the grocery stores where you buy toilet paper have changed their hours of operation, click here for all of those details.

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