As revealed yesterday, Batman vs. Superman will have a major presence at Comic-Con. The entire cast will be there to show off new footage from the film, and if the rumors are to believed, we’ll also have the new Justice League assembled on stage. But, if you aren’t going to Comic-Con this year (or you simply can’t wait another week), we have some good news for you: Warner Bros. has released five new Batman vs. Superman photos for your viewing pleasure.

The photos were revealed as part of Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con preview and includes some quotes from Ben Affleck, who compares the role of Batman to Hamlet saying, “We accept that he’s played by actors with different interpretations.” He describes his interpretation on the Caped Crusader thusly: “He’s at the end of his run and maybe the end of his life. There’s this sort of world-weariness to it.”

Director Zack Snyder says of Affleck’s Batman, “I liked the fact that Ben was 
 6’ 4” and taller 
than Henry [Cavill]. I wanted Superman to 
have to feel like 
he was looking up to Batman despite being so much stronger.”

In these new photos, we get our first look at Wonder Woman in the film (though out of her more traditional superhero costume), plus a new look at Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor who, surprise!, isn’t bald at all in this shot. We know that he’s bald at some point in the film, so there must be some transformative event in the movie.

Check out the new photos below and stay tuned for much more from Batman vs. Superman from Comic-Con and beyond!

Batman vs. Superman opens in theaters on March 28, 2016.

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