I cannot believe that I am actually contemplating this, I really am shaking my head while I write this. It's obvious to everyone that the Coronavirus has shut down many businesses around the country, and here in Grand Junction that includes all hair salons. This means there will be a rush to get haircuts and color for the ladies as soon as the salons open back up.

As a guy, I feel fortunate because I can throw on a baseball hat and I am good to go. Although I really do hate it when hair starts growing around my ears so I have to start pushing it back behind my ears. I will admit this is completely my fault, my amazing wife always reminds me to get a haircut and I always put it off until it's been too late.

Well unfortunately for me I have now waited too long and there are no hair salons that are open for business. Now have hair that is annoying me and no professional to make me look decent.

That's why my wife Savannah thinks it would be a great idea to let her grab the clippers and give me a quick trim. I am not so sure about this idea because often times I will have to do stage announcements or some other form of public speaking and I would prefer to not look like I had a bowl cut.

What do you think, should I give in and let my wife give me a hair cut because it's only hair and it will grow back. Or should I just grab a ball cap and wait a few more weeks for the professionals to open back up. What would you do?

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