A listener sent me a copy of a phishing email he received and this scam is designed to try and trick you in more ways than one.

The email, which looks very much like emails you may receive when you change passwords on various online accounts, preys on victims in two ways.

First, it says your online banking passcode was reset. It says the change relates to your online banking profile and not a specific account. This is designed to make people curious about their online profile, which most people probably don't know about because it most likely doesn't exist the way described in the email.

Second, it gives people notification that if they didn't authorize the change, to call a telephone number or the option to click and secure your account. It's a trick to fix a problem that doesn't exist, It's when you do what's suggested in the email that the trouble really starts.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

There are also two very obvious clues this is a bogus email. A close look at the true email sender reveals it isn't Bank of America.

The second can be found in the wording and grammatical errors in the last sentence which reads, "If you have not request for to Your Online Banking Passcode please CLICK HERE to secure and update your account."

There's no harm in being skeptical about unsolicited email, even if it appears to come from a business you deal with. That's why the only click you need is the delete button. And the only call you should make is the one you already have for the bank, credit card company or other business. Never dial the number in the email.

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