The Grand Junction Police Department is investigating an attempt to pass a counterfeit bill at a local convenience.

Police Trying to Identify Subject in Photos

The incident happened on August 17, but the Grand Junction Police Department is now reaching out to the public for help in identifying the man who attempted to use fake money.

The man attempted to purchase several items with a counterfeit bill, but the store clerk apparently realized the money was fake and foiled the attempt. Police were called to the scene, but, of course, the man in question had left the area before police arrived.

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Did the Man Know the Money Was Counterfeit?

Police are not calling the male subject in these surveillance photos a suspect, however, they say they would like to speak to him because "he may have information related to this incident."

Do You Recognize the Man In the Photos?

Grand Junction Police Department via Facebook
Grand Junction Police Department via Facebook

If you recognize the man in these photos, you're asked to call the investigating officer. He can be reached by calling non-emergency dispatch at 970-242-6707.

So many times in these situations we end up with grainy, blurry images from surveillance cameras that do very little to help investigators solve a crime. In this case, the images couldn't be more clear, and identifying the man should not be difficult. After that, police will continue their investigation into the counterfeit attempt.

How You Can Identify Counterfeit Bills

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