Owning anything in Aspen is way above what most people can afford. Now, for the price of a Monopoly game, anyone can buy a piece of the town and famous places around it.

The Aspen Monopoly game is the famous board game with one exception, every block for sale on the board represents a real place in Aspen.

You can own one or more Aspen ski areas, Maroon Bells, The Little Nell, Limelight Hotel, or any number of Aspen's well-known places for only a few hundred bucks each. Even the game pieces represent the town.

The Aspen Monopoly game sells for $40. That's real, not Monopoly, money but still a great bargain even outside of Aspen.

Besides the possibility of becoming an Aspen tycoon, all profits from the sale of the game will be donated to charity. So, while the riches of the game are pretend, the philanthropy is real.

[Aspen Times]

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