There is not a lot of information when it comes to this mansion located at 1001 Ute Avenue in Aspen. What we do know is that it is currently the most expensive home that is on the Colorado real estate market at $75 million.

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The Aspen mansion is listed on Christie's International Real Estate has a title of only five words.

As Good as it Gets

The home built in 2020 has seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, and 20,740 square feet of living space. With that much square footage in a home, a family of six would have over 3,400 square feet of space per person.

The price tag of $75 million equates to $3,616 per square foot for this gigantic Aspen home. Check out the photos of 1001 Ute Avenue in Aspen... As good as it gets:

For more information on this stunning home in Aspen selling for $75 million, you can learn more at Christie's International Real Estate.

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This Aspen mansion is currently listed for $75 million.

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