Are you in one of Grand Junction's top employment groups?

The Mesa County Workforce Center says the unemployment rate in Mesa County has been around 3% for a couple of months. So where is everyone working?

It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that two of the leading industries in Mesa County are in healthcare and education. But, it's interesting to look at some of the other leading employment groups in the county to get a perspective on exactly where people are working in the county.

According to the most recent statistics offered by Mesa County Public Health, more than 15% of Mesa County workers are in the healthcare and social assistance field. Close behind is the group comprised of retail workers at 13.1%, which is likely to be up during the holidays with seasonal employment.

The accommodation and food service group is the third largest employee group in Mesa County, comprised of 7.8% of the workforce. The education and construction groups are next at 7.5%.

What you might find surprising is that the oil and gas industry only boasts about 6% of the county's workforce, less than construction, but more than manufacturing.

Here are the top 10 employment groups in Mesa County.

1) Healthcare & Social Assistance  15.4%
2) Retail  13.1%
3) Accommodation & Food Service 7.8%
4) Educational Services  7.5%
5)Construction   7.5%
6)Oil & Gas   6%
7) Other Services  5.4%
8) Professional & Scientific  5.2%
9) Manufacturing  4.8%
10) Administration, Support, Waste Management  4.1%

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