Have you ever been to a restaurant offering this service? In my opinion, every restaurant in Grand Junction should start doing this immediately.

There I was at Pufferbelly Restaurant last Wednesday morning, just minding my own business. The fact that I'm a miser typically prevents me from going to restaurants. On this occasion, I thought I would splurge. When you walk in the front door at Pufferbelly, you'll see several collections of coffee mugs, each one different from the next. What's going on?

Waylon Jordan

Okay, so this is nothing new. Nevertheless, it seems to be uncommon, at least in Grand Junction. These coffee mugs belong to patrons of the restaurant. Rather than using a bland ol' coffee mug, customers can use their own personal beverage containers. Imagine that, going to a restaurant and enjoying coffee out of your very own mug.

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Looking back, Lois' Restaurant used to do this. In that case, though, it wasn't displayed quite as prominently. At Pufferbelly, the mugs greet you the moment you come through the door.

Waylon Jordan

This may sound silly, but the idea of drinking coffee from your favorite mug, as opposed to a boring old white or brown "generic" mug, is the difference between night and day. The mug makes the difference. Okay, so many would disagree with me. I maintain, however, coffee is better when consumed from a container with some sentimental value.

Look out Pufferbelly, this coffee mug is setting a course for your location right now. Mr. Sulu, plot a course for 1st Street and Pitkin, ahead Warp Factor 4.

Waylon Jordan

What if, on my next visit, I'm in a different mood? Let's say it's going to be a rough day, and I need to be a little more, shall we say, aggressive. That's where the backup mug comes in. Qapla'!

Waylon Jordan

This really is an effective marketing tool. As stated above, my routine doesn't typically involve restaurants. I'm a creature of habit, and a cheap one at that. With this feature, though, I can see visiting Pufferbelly on a steady basis. I'll awake in the morning, only to hear my mugs in the distance, beckoning me to visit them.

That's your cue, Grand Junction restaurants. Look at the number of mugs in the photos at the top. I didn't come close to getting pictures of them all. Those are "steady" customers. You should follow suit.