Grand Junction Police Department officers were involved in a standoff last Sunday at the trailer park in the 2800 block of North Avenue. Via their Facebook report, the GJPD refers to the trailer park as the "A&W Mobile Home Park." Is that really the proper designation?

Growing up in Grand Junction, we always called it the "A&W Mobile Home Park" or the "A&W Trailer Park." All these years, I just assumed that designation to be the moniker the community chose to give it. This kind of makes sense, given the park's proximity to the old A&W drive in.

In my wildest dreams, though, I never would have thought that to be the park's true name. Let's investigate. lists several trailers for sale in the neighborhood, but does not mention a proper name for the park. The same can be said for

After an exhaustive search conducted by someone other than myself (thanks, Tanya), profound discoveries were made.

It seems the mobile home park is owned by Grand Junction MHP, LLC, which is owned by RV Horizons, Inc, which is owned by a gentleman by the name of David Reynolds. Does that mean the park should be properly referred to as the "RV Horizons Park"? Perhaps it should be referred to as "Dave's Park."

Would it be safe to say there is no rule dictating mobile home parks must have names? Looking back at all the houses I've lived in over the course of my life, I can only think of one located in an subdivision possessing a proper name.

It does seem a bit odd referring to it as the A&W Mobile Home Park considering there hasn't been an A&W restaurant at that location in years. In any case, since the Grand Junction Police Department refers to the area as the A&W Mobile Home Park, can we all just agree to do the same?

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