Colorado bears have been in the news on a weekly basis it seems this year, and the result is 51 bears that have been euthanized so far in northwest Colorado.

It's not something new. It's what hungry bears do. They scavenge for food wherever it may be found. Unfortunately, bad bear behavior often times leads to termination.

The Denver Post says 51 bears have been euthanized in the northwestern part of the state so far this year. That number is likely to climb higher before the hibernation season begins.

Fortunately, not every bad bear has had to be eliminated. In some cases, relocation is an option and a total of 36 bears have been relocated.

By the time we get to December, the bears should be all tucked in for the winter.  However, bears have been spotted recently in Fruita and even in downtown Delta, which should serve as a reminder for residents to keep their garbage locked away at all times and to be on the lookout for bears for a few more weeks.

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