Needing to waste time at work and still look busy? This week is a short work week for many with the 4th falling on Thursday but you still have to work on Friday. Do you have to work but don't really feel very productive? Here are five ways to burn the clock and still be occupied on the computer.

Have you ever made colored sand sculptures in a glass jar or played with sand at the beach? You can do it at work with no mess using This is Sand. Click and hold to drop sand, and press "c" to change colors. You really can get as creative as you want too.

Cat Bounce is just what the name says it is. Cat Bounce shows you bouncing cats. If your cats stop bouncing, you can pick them up and drop them again. This one is fun for cat lovers and cat haters alike.

No cats were harmed in the making of this waste of time.

Silk is an interactive drawing program (with music) in which you weave patterns of silky wisps of smoke across the screen to create strange art. With practice and playing with the different colors and turning the mirroring on or off you can get good at weird horror faces or hearts. Open the controls on the left to change color.

You can even download the app for Silk to stay busy during boring meetings on your phone or tablets.

Chicken on a Raft is a really doesn't do anything but test your patience. This page that's perfect for annoying your co-workers when you leave for lunch. See just how long you can watch and listen to Chicken on a Raft.

Finally the ultimate payback when you are ready to quit your job and leave. Change your computer password to something different and crank up the sound.

Bring in the Cats! features of course, cats. They have to load first, but it's worth the wait. You will find yourself wasting the day away in anticipation of more cats! Try to count them to stay busy. This is fun when you want to waste time, but it will annoy the crap out of people really trying to work! Suckers!

As you work through these, you can find more at Mental Floss. Have fun "working" or you can even have an "Office Time Wasting Olympics"!