We are just weeks away from the spring election when Grand Junction residents will determine the fate of the proposed GJ Community Center.

With opinions being formulated on both side of the issue, the "battle" ( if you want to call it that) is underway to sway public opinion. Regardless of which way you lean, it's important to make an informed and educated vote based on facts, not on personal bias.

Some folks may feel they don't have the time or the resources to gather the facts they need to help them make a good decision. If you are one of those people, perhaps I can share some information that will be helpful in your decision process.

Here are five things you should know before you cast your vote on April 2 in favor of or opposed to the Grand Junction Community Center.


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    The number one concern people generally have about these types of things is how much it's going to impact their wallet. The entire project will cost $79 million, funded by a 0.39% sales tax increase in Grand Junction. That is 39 cents on every $100 spent. What you need to know is the sales tax increase would not apply to many of your basic needs like groceries, gas, prescription drugs, and services.

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    Everyone may have their own idea of what a community center looks like, and each one may be different than the reality. This project entails the construction of the GJ Community Center, development of 75 acres at Machett Park, and renovation of the Orchard Mesa Pool.

    Facilities will include:
    *Multiple Pools
    *Indoor and outdoor courts for basketball, tennis, & pickleball
    *Indoor bouldering wall
    *Skate Park
    *Activity and event space for parties, clubs, & events 
    *Elevated walking track
    *Fitness areas
    *7 multi-use fields
    *Senior health activities
    *On-site child supervision services

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    If voters approve the GJ Community Center, construction would begin in 2020 with the projected opening in 2021.

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    According to the feasibility study in 2018, 88% of registered voters said they supported the project and 85% said they would be willing to pay extra taxes to support it.

    Some of the local organizations expressing their support for the community center include Marillac Health, Community Hospital, Mind Springs Health, Hilltop, and the Hispanic Affairs Project.

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    Although all Mesa County residents will be able to utilize the new facility, only registered voters in the city of Grand Junction will be able to vote on the matter. If you live outside the city limits but are in favor of the new community center, you should talk to friends you have in Grand Junction that will be casting the votes

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