A Northglenn, Colorado beekeeper had 30 hives stolen from his property on Saturday on one of the last undeveloped parcels of land in Northglenn.

Karl's Dairy Farm, where the bees were being kept said there are approximately 1,000 bees per hive and the theft amounts to about $15,000 in losses to the farm.

The beekeeper, who rents the property and pays with honey is concerned the bees themselves may be lost. Beekeeping is an exact science and if someone doesn't know what they are doing, the bees could be lost or die. At a time where bee safety is at the forefront of many people, a loss like this could be devastating to the beekeeper.

The property where the bees were being kept is actually slated for development in March and will include a new neighborhood village. Karl's Dairy Farm is located in the northeast section of Northglenn.

Anyone who has any information on the theft of the beehives is encouraged to contact the Northglenn Police at  303-450-8897.

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